Welcome to the Resources section. Here you will find Community, Product Resources, Project Ideas for Inspiration, and Office Hour schedule. Remember, you can always reach us on Slack or chat with our team during Office Hours on twitch.tv/ChefSoftware

Product Resources
Project Ideas for Inspiration
Office Hours Schedule



The Chef community is a glorious resource for newcomers and long-time users alike. You can find us all on Discourse, Slack, and GitHub. 

For copies of Chef’s software, visit downloads.chef.io


Product Resources

General Chef Infra  Chef InSpec 

Blog: Getting Started with Chef Infrastructure Management in 30 Minutes

Manage Your Fleet with Chef Infra


Webinar: Building Immutable Infrastructure with Policyfiles

Test Expectations with Chef InSpec


Webinar: Augment your Audits with InSpec 2.0

Webinar: Automate Security in Any Environment with Chef InSpec

Chef Habitat Chef Workstation Chef Automate

Deliver Applications with Chef Habitat


Webinar: Creating Platform Agnostic Packages with Chef Habitat
Webinar: Improving Portability & Agility of Legacy Applications with Habitat

How to Set Up Chef Workstation, Create a Cookbook, and Get Started with Compliance


Webinar: Chef Workstation | One Click a Way from Everything

Secure Your Infrastructure with Chef Automate

Webinar: Automate Compliance with AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate


Project Ideas for Inspiration

  • Accelerate DevOps using Open Source
    Build DevOps best practices using Chef Software
  • Automate for Good
    Use Chef Software to bring positive changes to the society, environment, economy
  • Innovate for the Future
    Showcase the future of tech you have imagined using futuristic DevOps practices


Office Hours schedule

Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. ET on twitch.tv/ChefSoftware

Date Host Topic
Tuesday, September 14 Kiah Tolliver AMA: Get your Hackathon questions answered quickly on this dedicated Ask Me Anything stream
Tuesday, September 21

Kiah Tolliver

Meet your Mentors
Tuesday, September 28 Dan Webb

Getting Started w/ Chef Infra

Tuesday, October 5 Kiah Tolliver Getting Started w/ Chef InSpec
Tuesday, October 12 Kiah Tolliver Getting Started w/ Chef Habitat
Tuesday, October 19 Dan Webb Debugging support



All of our software licenses allow you full use of our software for the duration of the hackathon. After the hackathon is complete, licenses will be required for anything that is still in use. Reach out to us!